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Cooperation model schools&pupil mobility organisations

Why cooperation? 

Diving into Erasmus+ for schools can often feel like a daunting process to embark on. Managing logistics, the intercultural learning preparation of pupils and all stakeholders involved, and the development of the Learning Agreement to ensure the recognition of the learning outcomes of the period abroad can feel like an impossible task to take on alone.

Non-profit pupil mobility organisations have a long-standing experience in organising individual pupil mobility programmes for developing the competences needed for living in intercultural societies. These organisations are part of a European and/or worldwide network of similar organisations rooted in local communities, and sharing procedures and quality standards.

Within Erasmus+, schools can choose to partner up with a non-profit pupil exchange organisation as a ‘supporting organisation’.

Cooperation between schools and pupil mobility organisations is the key to guaranteeing that the objectives of an IPM project are achieved and that the process goes easily and smoothly, generating the maximum positive impact for the young participants and the entire community of sending and hosting schools involved.



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