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Global Competence for Teacher Education eBook

In the frame of the “Global Competence for Teacher Education” project, an eBook was developed which contains resources to help develop future cohorts of teachers who are both globally competent themselves and have the skills to develop global competence in their students.

The eBook gives access to a series of structured learning designs and associated resources for teaching and learning about global competence. They are for use by teacher educators with their trainee teachers but may also be adapted for use with school students and in non-formal settings.

The eBook starts by providing the reader with the background to the project, including details of various reviews conducted to foreground the learning designs we offer later on.

Chapter 3 outlines the design process that we followed for the production of the learning designs and the pedagogical framework that underpinned them.

The main part of the eBook can be found in chapter 4, where we provide the reader with twelve discreet but interconnected learning designs for teaching and learning about global competence. These are for use by teacher educators, in formal and non-formal teacher education settings, but can also be adapted by teachers for use in schools and other non-formal learning settings.

Chapter 5 presents a further set of resources we have come across during the course of our work during 2018-2022 and that the reader might find useful before we end the eBook with an executive summary. The references used in this eBook can be found at the end.



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