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Required Time: 60 Minutes

Session Goals: Help participants to introduce themselves in an interactive way, introduce them to the program of the seminar, work on expectations

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this session, participants

  1. will get to know each other
  2. will  become comfortable sharing in the group
  3. are informed about the various moments of the program and of the assessment phases

Space Requirements

  • Semi-circle seating arrangement
  • A room where participants can move about freely

Necessary Materials

  • flipchart stand and papers
  • coloured post-its and markers
  • a ball
  • computer and Internet connection
  • A version of the agenda of the training on coloured paper, set up on a wall

Step-by-Step Description of the Session


  • Welcome participants to the Teacher Training Event
  • Trainers shortly introduce themselves
  • Introduce program and rules of seminar /location
  • Give brief information on the Erasmus Project “Intercultural learning for pupils and teachers” that gave birth to this training project   
  • Explain to the participants that they will get to know each other in an interactive way.


  • Ask participants to sit in a circle and introduces themselves by their name.
  • In the second round, everyone repeats their name and adds an adjective describing themselves starting with the same letter (such as Traveling Therese).
  • In the third round, introduce a ball and only the person who holds the ball speaks. They need to say their name and adjective and then throw the ball to someone else and say that person’s name and adjective.
  • Ask participants to switch places in the circle so that they are not sitting next to the same people as before.


  • Ask participants to gather in pairs  (if needed, the trainer also participates) and answer short questions about each other such as:
    • why did I apply for this seminar?
    • how is this seminar connected to my work-life?
    • what am I most curious about in this seminar?
    • Give participants 2 minutes to talk about each question.
  • Trainer keeps time and announces changes
  • After they finish discussing all questions, ask them to sit in a circle
  • Ask a participant to share something unexpected or that caught their attention through these questions and answers


  • Standing in a circle, ask participants to think of something positive that makes them unique.
  • Explain that once they have something in mind, they should go to the centre of the circle and say “I’m the only one who… “ (for example, I am the only one who speaks 5 languages”).
  • If anyone shares this characteristic, they take a large step towards the centre of the circle.  If not, they stay in the same place.
  • Go on a few rounds until all or most participants have shared something.
  • Ask participants to share something unexpected or that most caught their attention through these exercises


  • Distribute one colored post-it per person and ask them to write down their main expectation regarding this training (not more than 3).
  • Once everyone has done so, get participants to walk around the room and try to find people with the similar expectations. You should end up with a few groups formed.
  • Ask each group to share their expectations and put them up on the flipchart.
  • After everyone has shared their expectations, make sure you connect them to the agenda of the training and clear those expectations that won’t be met.
  • Go over the titles of each session of the training and briefly share the session goals. Distribute another POST IT to each participant and ask them to write any pressing question about the training agenda, if they have any.
  • Ask them to connect their questions to agenda then address and clarify any pressing issues.
  • Let participants know that they should contact you during the breaks if they have any other questions.
  • Thank participants for their involvement and invite them to participate actively in the sessions in order to make the best out of this learning opportunity
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