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Let’s include intercultural learning and internationalisation opportunities in every subject and aspect of school life!

Explore a range of tools to promote internationalisation both at school and through opportunities abroad

Internationalisation at school: Toolbox for teachers

Internationalisation at school: Toolbox for teachers

Intercultural competences are key to understand how other people think, feel and act. We need intercultural competences not only to understand people from different cultures, we also need them to overcome differences within our own culture. But how to include intercultural learning in any activity run at the school? Check the toolbox developed through the ‘Intercultural Learning for Pupils and Teachers’ project with a range of activities aimed at developing the intercultural learning competences of teachers and students.

Internationalisation Abroad - Learning Mobility

Internationalisation abroad - learning mobility

Individual pupil mobility and class exchange programmes promote internationalisation of schools and provide opportunities for students and teachers to develop their intercultural competence. To ensure quality experiences, joining forces between schools and non-profit pupil exchange organisations expert in mobility and non formal education is key! Read more about the opportunities for internationalisation abroad and find resources for cooperation between schools & non-profit pupil mobility organisations.

“internationalisation is the intentional and transformative process of including international, intercultural and global dimensions in all aspects of school life – through a whole school approach – in order to enhance the quality of education for all pupils, teachers and staff and to make a meaningful contribution to society”

Mattia Baiutti. Intercultura Assessment Protocol (2019)


In our increasingly multicultural society Intercultural Learning becomes more important every day. We need to provide teachers and their students with relevant competences in order to be active in school and society.

Building on these needs the European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL) is providing resources to promote internationalisation of schools and enhance intercultural competence of secondary school pupils and school staff, through a whole school approach and cooperation with non formal education providers. 

The resources showcased on this website have been developed thanks to the Erasmus+ funded projects ‘Intercultural Learning for pupils and teachers’ and ‘Expanding Learning Mobility’ funded by Erasmus+.


Are you a teacher interested in internationalisation and looking to improve your intercultural learning skills and global competence? Have a look at the different training materials offered and check the next training opportunities available!


Join a European network of schools involved or wishing to get involved in individual pupil mobility and to advance internationalisation of their school! Joining the EFIL Network of Schools offers an opportunity for schools to become more international, be part of an international movement and learn from sharing ideas and best practices with colleagues throughout Europe and beyond.

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EFIL and the partner organisations of the “Intercultural learning for pupils and teachers project” and ”Expanding Learning Mobility” are happy to share their know-how and documents on this site. Please feel free to use them, recognizing, however the work of the many people who contributed to their development. In their reproduction, even partial, please leave explicit reference to EFIL and the above mentioned projects.

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