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Required Time: 45 Minutes

Session Goals

  • Create space to allow participants to reflect on the what they have learned during the training.
  • Have participants evaluate the training

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, participants will:

  1. reflect on the content and skills acquired during the training.
  2. share their overall impressions of the training.

Space Requirements

  • Semi-circle seating arrangement
  • A room where participants can move about freely

Necessary Materials

  • Flip chart paper
  • Colored markers
  • Colored Sticker Dots
  • Certificates – if available

Step-by-Step Description of the Session


Use one activity of your choice to create a space for participants to reflect on the what they have learned during the workshop. Some ideas might include:

  1. The Blob Tree or the Knowledge Tree from The Evaluation Methods of the Toolbox
  2. or Have four flip charts around the room that say:
      • What was your biggest a-ha moment?
      • What topic would you like to explore/learn more?
      • What was the most important thing you learned during the seminar?
      • How are you going to apply what you learned?
    • Have participants rotate around the room to write on each flip chart.
    • Once they are done, present the flip charts to the group and ask some of them to comment, if they want to


Thank participants for their interest and involvement and wish them a success for the implementation of intercultural learning approach and activities in their school and with their pupils.


  1. Ask participants for evaluation . You can use the Dartboard activiy or the Pizza activity from the Visual evaluation methods or you can ask them to evalutate the training on the basis of the tools you usually use  (Questionnaires, posters with images, ….) .
  2. Make sure that all trainers leave the room while participants are responding the evaluation if on flipcharts to avoid any kind of pressure.
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