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Upcoming events:

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The following events have taken place:

Final conference of the ICL project: 24 – 26 October 2018, Brussels, Belgium
The Intercultural Training Project will organize its final conference in October 2018 in Brussels. During this conference, the partners will present the developed courses for teachers, social workers and students.

Meeting with ministries of education and Universities in April-May 2018

Project partners meet Ministries of Education, Universities, Representatives of EU institutions to receive feedback on the policy and practice recommendations developed. These aim at including intercultural education in teachers’ and pupils’ curricula.

December 2017 – May 2018

Piloting of the tools by teachers who received the training on intercultural learning.

August 27, 2017 to September 1, 2017
Training for interested teacher trainers in Berlin, Germany. This training consists of a: 3 day training for teachers + 2 days to explain the training methods for multiplication purposes.

October 2017 – May 2018

Trainings for teachers on intercultural learning. The teacher training have taken place in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy. Elements of the training and the toolbox have been used in the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain.

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